Portraits of birds 

Beautiful feathered creatures - so familiar, and so truly foreign. 

I have always been drawn to nature, but while captivated by vast landscapes I started to pay attention to details hidden within them.

Drawing birds started as a simple exercise, a relaxing interval between working on larger pieces and landscapes. Also, I was in an early motherhood phase, and simply didn’t have the time. For me narrowing my focus to a single bird was a very grounding and centering experience. I found a deep connection to the nature and myself in that way. 

My technique involves drawing, painting and digital collage.
I construct my portraits from an array of abstract cut-out forms and patterns layered with scribbles and visible brushstrokes.
Colourful non-representational bits and pieces are scattered throughout the works like twigs, small branches or loose leaves.

I often reuse these abstract elements, find a different context or meaning for them. They travel from one piece of work to another. I work with this visual language to find my poetic interpretation of the world I experience.

Portraits of birds is an open edition of digital prints on fine art Hahnemühle cotton rug. Mixed media 297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5''

The prints are available for purchase through www.moonoroo.com
Various prints // archival ink on a cotton paper

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